Awards for 2015 are currently closed and we are unable to receive applications at present.  We hope to be announcing some new opportunities during the Autumn 2015.

Funding through an awards programme is part of the OSEP service. Try It Awards of up to £500 help develop small scale projects, Do It Awards up to £5,000 can kick start projects that are demonstrably viable, and Build It Awards of up to £15,000 will help realise full potential.  In addition to providing a modest fund of support for social entrepreneurs in Oxfordshire we are able to signpost people to a range of additional funding opportunities that are available regionally and nationally.

The Oxfordshire Social Entrepreneur Partnership (OSEP) Awards are made up of two components:

  • Try It Awards are for small scale projects of up to £500 to enable entrepreneurs to investigate or develop a social venture idea so that they can for example complete some market research or perhaps run a pilot programme. The average award is in the region of £300-£400.  
  • Do It Awards of up to £5000 for projects that are demonstrably viable and needing a cash injection to get them started or become fully operational. The average award is usually around £2000 - £3000. 

Try It, and Do It Awards are divided into two categories. They can be University sponsored and therefore restricted to students, staff or recent graduates from either University; alternatively they can be classified as a Community Award and open to individuals or groups operating outside the University sector. 

In all instances you will need to complete an Award application form and if you are shortlisted, in addition, you will be asked to present your idea in person to a panel of judges.

In addition to Try It and Do It Awards, you can also apply directly to UnLtd for a Fast Growth Award and Build It Award. For more information see the Other Awards page.