OxLEP formal launch of the eScalate support programme

Support now available for you and your organisation!

OSEP is delighted to be working with OxLEP – the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership to support social enterprises, enterrpising charities, social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven businesses.

The new support programme was formerly launched at a fabulous event hosted by OxLEP at Oxford University’s Natural History Museum. The eScalate programme includes elements for scale up and access to finance, which run alongsie the element of support OSEP is providing.

The element of eScalate that OSEP is delivering on behalf of OxLEP includes one to one support, workshops, peer to peer mentoring, the development of a network of hubs across the county and grant funding.

Speaking at the event, Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK said "It's great to see OxLEP support business in this way and OSEP is doing an amazing job with a unique set of skills to deliver and maintain business support services in this climate, ensuring Oxfordshire is a shining star".

More detailed information will soon be available on the OSEP website, but in the meantime, please contact Grant Hayward at grant@osep.org.uk and visit the OxLEP website here: https://www.oxfordshirelep.com/escalate

Photographs courtesy of OXLEP