Social Enterprise Day

Social Enterprise Day

Social Enterprise Day 2019 is on Thursday 21st November, and is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

It is promoted natioanlly by Social Enterprise UK and OSEP is also promoting this locally across Oxfordshire.

On this day #WhoKnew will be taking place – a global digital campaign designed to give social enterprises the chance to tell their stories, show what makes them different from traditional businesses and shout about the impact of their work. 

The campaign is all about highlighting the diversity in the sector across the globe and is an opportunity for all social enterprises to take part in a public facing campaign, as well as engaging their staff directly with their social enterprise mission. 

It is also a chance for organisations supporting the social enterprise movement to raise the profile of their own work, whether as market-builders, investors or champions of the sector.

To find out more, visit the Social Enterprise UK website here: