OSEP update - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It is clear the current crisis is a very difficult time for the organisations and people that OSEP was established to support.

There is already a lot of information, help and support being provided, so we do not want to waste anyones time or duplicate that effort. Therefore, listed below are links to some of these.

OSEP is still working closely with OxLEP and other partners to deliver support through the eScaalte programme, although we have been agile and flexible to adapt to the current crisis. Follow this link to find out more

If you feel there is anything you need or that could be added here to help others, then please get in touch - info@osep.org.uk

Information, support and guidance

*** These links are external and are provided for information only. OSEP is not responsible for the accuraccy of the informtion contained in these links ***