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"Our vision for community tennis sets out our direction and proposed outline plans for the future of grassroots provision in tennis. Our key objectives and direction are to: Support the increase in participation on public access courts Support established

We are an innovative tennis association established as a voluntary organisations, with an aim to promote participation and affordable tennis programmes in Britain, along with providing tennis club support packages to assist clubs and communities build thriving places to play.Tennis for all is a key issue for the future development of the sport in this country, and providing affordable tennis programmes for all sections of the local community is a priority for us.  That’s why our main aim is to promote, support and deliver affordable and accessible tennis opportunities at places to play in Britain.Tennis can be perceived as an expensive sport to play and the primary aim of the association is to ensure tennis is accessible to the whole community.  Working with the Tennis Foundation (TF) and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), our coaching provision provides comprehensive and affordable tennis activities for the whole family.We have many years experience in developing and enhancing tennis provision. We understand that the majority of places to play are underused and clubs, committee’s and local councils may not have the capacity to promote the increase usage of the facilities. We specialise in supporting local tennis providers by providing a wide range of support services that are proven to rapidly increase tennis participation at a grassroots level.Our Club Support Scheme is a unique opportunity for tennis clubs to develop their place to play, and benefit from a professional approach to programme delivery. We have created the scheme to support new or established tennis clubs by providing a wide range of comprehensive support services, with a mutual goal to increase club membership, participation and club income.As part of our Club Support Scheme, over the past year we have engaged with over 10,000 tennis players through our coaching provision and community/school engagements.  We have delivered 8,200 tennis coaching sessions at our partnered places to play and had over 35,000 tennis player visits at our coaching sessions in 2014.

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