GO RIDE CIC is a not for profit company dedicated to cut carbon emissions and increase social inclusion through the provision of public transport in Great Britain.  

We are an organisation interested in bringing new ways of operation to public transport, broaden the appeal of services across the social classes and therefore increase patronage to make services more sustainable.We are motivated by the inequity that bus passengers face in comparison to other public services.  Most of the services privatised in the 80’s subsequently developed regulatory structures in the 90’s; this has not been the case for bus users, to the disadvantage of the industry, taxpayers and communities alike.  The market continues to dominate in the bus industry and, unlike other public services, the market is dominated by public limited companies which must return profit to their shareholders inside and outside the United Kingdom.GO RIDE CIC wish to create a parity with other public services by being a major not for profit operator and nationally increasing social enterprise market share.  This will enable more social equity for the 25% of non-car households across the UK as the ability to access employment and services is increased.

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