Khadi CIC

Khadi CIC is a social enterprise, set up to promote the sale of khadi in the UK. The products will be made and imported from India through suppliers actively involved in social change activities.

In India the production of khadi is regulated by the government to ensure that spinners, weavers and other artisans involved in the production of khadi are paid fairly. We will work with our partners to extend this principle; to include farmers and farm workers supplying the raw material and to the tailors and other artisans in the supply chain.

We will work closely with the suppliers to build their capacity for improved standards, better designs, enhanced efficiency and better business practices. Together we will also explore the possibilities for using organic cotton for khadi.

Our activities will aim to enhance the income of the communities involved in the production of khadi. This will be achieved through a better access to markets and higher returns for their labour. Additional benefits will come from community development activities supprted by the company’s profits. At least a third of the company’s profits will be earmarked for this purpose.

Ultimately we would like to play a role in reviving khadi production centres, some of which have shut down or are on the verge of shutting down..

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