Search Africa

SEARCH-Africa is a not-for-profit organisation with the goal of increasing access to clean and reliable energy supplies in African healthcare facilities

The main activities we are involved with are:


  1. Identifying the most disadvantaged but most deserving facilities.
  2. Evaluating need by doing site-level assessments of technical and social factors. There is no use in electrification if there is no staff to provide healthcare services.
  3. Directly involving healthcare workers to build an understanding of the professional and societal requirements to do their jobs most effectively.
  4. Working with medically-focused international organisations and health links to provide ongoing support and ensure the sustainability of development.
  5. Addressing social challenges through technology design, e.g. enhancing staff motivation and retention.
  6. Providing recommendations that utilizes existing technology rather than simply installing more inappropriate systems.
  7. Designing low-cost solutions where future systems are required.
  8. Proposals to utilize systems to their maximum potential, e.g. modern affordable technology for professional development and community training.
  9. Utilising local skills and knowledge.
  10. Identifying local partners with an understanding of challenges and solutions that match.
  11. Working with these local partners to design systems which will allow for the most appropriate use of the available energy resources.
  12. Proposing financing mechanisms to ensure ongoing energy supply through sufficient payment, operations, maintenance and replacement plans.
  13. Creating a model that attracts resources and advocates the work done by community and international organisations.