Tourism Changemakers' Forum

Supporting social entrepreneurs build a better tourism

The Tourism Changemakers’ Forum is designed to serve three constituencies:

  1. Existing and would be social entrepreneurs active in various aspects of the travel, hospitality and tourism sector;
  2. Faculty of secondary and post-secondary educational institutions that wish to develop and deliver curricula and lerning programs of help and relevance to social entrepreneurs;
  3. Destinations – specifically enterprises and agencies active in developing, steering and implementing locally shaped development and operational strategies designed to maximize the net benefits of tourism and build a visitor economy that is environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling.

This mission will be accomplished through a mix of activities:

  • Research – mapping, tracking and evaluating the provision of programs relevant to social entrepreneurs active in the tourism sector
  • Curricula – building sound conceptual models and developing course content relevant to  place-based social entrepreneurship and community development.
  • Awareness and Promotion – developing events and materials aimed at attracting social entrepreneurs into the tourism sector in general and sectors or regions in particular.
  • Innovation – developing fresh approaches to the content and delivery of programs
  • Knowledge Sharing and Community Building – building an on -line collaborative platform and using other online social media to enable entrepreneurs and communities to collaborate, co-learn and co-create.
  • Linkages – build string mutually supportive links between the social entrepreneurship movement as a whole and the travel and tourism sector.

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