Westmill Woodland Burial site

“To make this a place where death can be talked about.” - Lizzie Cambray


  • A chance for those of all faiths or none to be buried amid nature
  • An opportunity to be part of creating a small woodland and meadow for future generations
  • Real flexibility to respond to your needs in terms of how you want the funeral to be
  • Knowledge to assist your planning and support during your grieving
  • A peaceful spot to come and remember and appreciate the changing seasons
  • Events where you can come and meet others, have a cup of tea, plant trees, work on the site or just look at the view
  • A place to come and enjoy a growing variety of birds, animals, insects and plants.

The intention is that the site will eventually become fully independent from the farm and will be managed for wildlife and preserved as a burial ground in perpetuity. To this end 20% of the cost of each burial is placed in a separate fund that is attached to the site and will be able to pay for the ongoing maintenance of the site.

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