Mentoring and specialist advice

Mentoring provides direct support and positive encouragement and guidance to enable social entrepreneurs to identify their goals and a route to achieving them. We have access to a number of mentors who themselves are familiar with the social enterprise sector. Mentors operate on a voluntary basis with OSEP and form a long term relationship with the social entrepreneur. They are a critical friend.  Access to mentors normally operates on two levels.  For those who are just setting up it is likely the mentor will be found from within the University framework.  For larger organisations there is a local network that we can connect you to, putting you in touch with a national web of contacts through our relationship with UnLtd

We are always looking for new mentors particularly based in the Oxfordshire region to join the programme so if you would like to get involved please contact the OSEP Support Co-ordinator. 

Specialist advice on technical issues and signposting is also possible.  Both Universities have a huge network of expert specialist staff and are often able to point people in the right direction, recommend professionals and occasionally offer direct assistance.  

It could be that you need some advice on employing people, planning or a legal issue or fundraising. Through our network of contacts we can often put you in touch with the right people to speak to or someone who has experienced a similar problem so you can see how they addressed it. 

You can contact Aida, the OSEP Programme Support Co-ordinator, at:EmailPhone: 01865 264169